Transportation Trust Fund

The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund was created to keep the State's roadways performing. The New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund Authority (TTFA or Authority) is an independent agency of New Jersey state government whose stated mission is to finance the cost of "planning, acquisition, engineering, construction, reconstruction, repair, and rehabilitation of the state's transportation system."

Amendments have been made for grant recipients of Transportation Trust Fund funds.  An Act concerning transportation projects funded through the Local Aid Program has been made in effect for the FY2020 Municipal Aid program in accordance with P.L. 2019, c. 135. For more information, see the Municipal Aid program page. or visit the Municipal Aid Overview page for grants, requirements, and other details.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation’s Municipal Aid Grant Program provides grant funds to municipalities who are committed to advancing projects that enhance safety, renew aging infrastructure, and support the State's economy with new transportation opportunities. The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) provides the opportunity for State assistance to local governments for the funding of road, bridge, and other transportation projects. 

The New Jersey Department of Transportation's Municipal Aid Program will provide funding to municipalities for the overall purpose of assisting in the implementation of public transportation projects for the continued safety and accessibility on the roads of New Jersey. Funds are appropriated by the Legislature annually and apportioned to counties based on the formula contained in the legislation which gives equal consideration to municipal road mileage within the county and municipal population. Municipalities can then compete for funds within their respective counties. 

For more information, review the NJDOT Municipal Aid Handbook.