June 1931

The League converts the format of New Jersey Municipalities magazine back to its original robust monthly edition (that is published nine-times per year).


Barret L. Crandall becomes Executive Director. SS. Kenworthy replaces him shortly thereafter and remains in this position until 1942.


As the Legislative Session opened, the League of Municipalities put forward a local budget reform plan that had been carefully developed over a number of months. The Legislature rejected that proposal, but it had some impact of the ultimate enactment, the Municipal Budget Act of 1936, which did not include a cap on local revenues. Before signing the measure into law, Governor Harold Hoffman said: "I am convinced, and I believe that time will prove my point of view correct, that this law can never be carried fully into effect until we broaden the tax base so as to replace property taxes with other sources of revenue and reduce property tax rates..."

18th Annual New Jersey State League of Municipalities Conference, October 6 to 7, 1932

Annual Conference Group Picture 1932

Annual Conference Session, 1934

Annual Conference Session 1934