Federal Issues of Municipal Interest

The League and its federal partner, the National League of Cities, are vigilantly working for the best interests of municipalities in the halls of Washington, D.C. 

This year the League has set priorities including infrastructure and recovery.

Download: 2021 NJLM Federal Priorities 

American Rescue Plan

This $1.9 trillion package includes $350 billion funding for state and local governments as well as direct payments to working families; extensive expansion of child tax credits; aggressive action to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations and contain the virus; provides the resources needed to allow schools to safely re-open; immediate economic relief for Americans hit hardest, and support for struggling communities. 

For more information, please read the NJLM Town Crier Blog: American Resue Plan Signed Into Law.

You can find information, resources, and the latest NLC updates on COVID-19 Response and Relief at https://www.nlc.org/initiative/covid-19-pandemic-response/. Or follow the following links for specific functions.

Allocation Tracker

The NLC's Estimated Local Allocation Tracker for the ARP includes estimations for each municipality. Use the allocation tracker to find out how much your community is eligible for. 

ARP Summary of Provisions 

NLC has created an extensive, searchable summary of provisions relevant to municipalities and local leaders in this historic legislation. 

Local Recovery: Five Principles for ARP Implementation

NLC staff has written a CitiesSpeak blog on five principles for ARP implementation.