Message From the League President

ChegwiddenAugust 2023 cropPresident William Chegwidden

Mayor, Wharton Borough

As we approach the fourth round of affordable housing, the League is working with mayors around the state to ensure that legislation and regulations keep in mind the important considerations of municipalities. We will hold an Affordable Housing Lunch & Learn on Friday, February 9, which is free, but we ask that you register in advance.

Affordable housing is just one of several hot topics on the table for 2024. We’ve been through the State of the State and we’re heading fast toward the February 27 Budget Address, which we hope will reflect the ongoing need for stable or reduced property taxes, infrastructure support, and affordable insurance options. 

This month I was also in Washington with our federal partner, the National League of Cities, and representatives from 23 other states to push our federal policymakers on priorities including Extending the Affordable Connectivity Program protecting local access to broadband service and providing more PFAS mitigation and remediation support at the local level, including liability protection for municipal drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities, landfills and solid waste facilities, airports, and fire departments, so polluters’ financial burden isn’t shifted to communities and taxpayers.

I’m hopeful that this legislative work will help all of us in local government. It’s work we can all be proud of, and I hope you’re planning on participating with the League to ensure 2024 is a legislative success for municipalities.

Mayor Bill Chegwidden with fellow mayors on steps at Old Executive Office in Washington