Message From the League President

Mayor Janice Kovach (Clinton Town)

With the pandemic coming to an end and the additional funds from the American Rescue Plan put in place we have an opportunity to build on and perfect our core services to enhance the lives of our residents.

This summer, please reflect on some of the amazing experiences you have governed through in the past 16 months.

How have you succeeded?
What have you learned?
What changes and adaptations will you carry into the future?

Then consider sharing your ideas and initiatives with other municipalities across the state by authoring an article for New Jersey Municipalities magazine. Send your pitch in to our magazine staff by emailing it to

Also consider the businesses and service providers who helped your help your community. Would you recommend them to your peers in local government? If so, please refer them to the New Jersey Municipalities magazine and Annual Conference to spread the word and the success.

We can accelerate our learning and improvement when we network and share new techniques and information.

Now is a great time to build our core services and the League is a great resource to help us do it.