An Introduction to Benefits & Services

History & Purpose

Since 1915, municipal officials have received assistance from the New Jersey State League of Municipalities in dealing with local government affairs. The League is a non-profit, voluntary association of municipal governments. Its service program has you in mind. Whether you are serving your community in an elected or appointed capacity, we can make your job easier. Your League staff is always available to answer questions on all aspects of local government (call 609-695-3481).

Legislative Activities

Whether your municipality has a population of 300 or 300,000, it has a major stake in legislative deliberations in Trenton. Consequently, an important League priority is the defense of home rule autonomy. The League has a long-established reputation as an articulate advocate for municipal interests.

Every bill pending before the Legislature which might affect localities is evaluated by the League's 100-member Legislative Committee, and aggressively opposed or supported by the League's lobbying team in concert with local officials around the state. The League's position on the respective measures, which number close to 2,000 in the average session, is reported to officials in every community through the Legislative Bulletin.

Alerts and timely updates are provided to League members through letters, faxes and email. A quick telephone call (call 609-695-3481) will get you up-to-the-minute status reports on pending legislation, copies of bills or laws and general background data on any legislative matter.