If you need to cancel a booth, please contact Kristin Lawrence in writing at A booth will not be deemed cancelled until you receive written confirmation (e-mail/fax/letter) from the League.

Can I receive a refund?
Please refer to section 15 C of the Space Agreement: Rules and Instructions regarding the League cancellation policy.

C. Exhibitor Withdrawal, Cancellation, Reductions, Refunds

Exhibit space comes with immediate benefits. Withdrawal, cancellation or reduction of exhibit space must be done in writing and is subject to an assessment covering the reassignment of space, benefits received, and other damages related to cancellation, according to the following schedule: before September 1 the assessment is 50% of booth space fees; after September 1 the assessment is 100% of booth space fees. These amounts are agreed to be liquidated damages to compensate for the harm the League will suffer due to Exhibitor’s withdrawal, reduction/cancellation and are not a penalty. Reduction in space is considered a cancellation and new contract, and is subject to cancellation assessment, and may result in reassignment to new space.

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18. Cancellations/Refunds