How do I request a specific booth?

Specific booth numbers can be noted on the Exhibit Space Contract in the “Booth Selection” section. Please list (in order of preference) your first four choices. If none of the choices are available we will assign the next best booth. Many exhibitors note areas of the hall rather than specific booth preferences. After June 5, the Interactive Floor Plan is posted online and can be viewed. Booth availability is determined when the Exhibit Space Contract and payment are received in the League office.

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1. Who exhibits at the Annual League Conference?
2. Who attends the Annual League Conference?
3. What are the exhibit hours?
4. How do I reserve a booth?
5. What is the deadline to reserve a booth?
6. Do I need to pay the full amount or the deposit amount?
7. Is there a discount for reserving multiple booths?
8. Are all the booths the same price?
9. What is included with a standard 10-foot by 10-foot booth?
10. Can I fax or email my contract?
11. When are booths assigned?
12. If booths aren’t assigned until May should I just wait to send in my contract so I know what is “open”?
13. How do I request a specific booth?
14. What exhibits display in the “Heavy Equipment” section?
15. What if the booth I want is already assigned to another exhibitor?
16. How do I request an assignment near another company?
17. What if I received my confirmation and am not happy with my assignment?
18. Cancellations/Refunds