What is included with a standard 10-foot by 10-foot booth?

Each 10’x10’ booth includes:

· Listing in the printed onsite Exhibitors Program
· Listing on the conference app
· Listing on the League Conference website
· Listing on the online interactive floor plan
· Listing in the June, October and November issues of NJ Municipalities
· Use of the Conference logo for marketing
· Pipe and drape for the booth: 8’ h in the back and 3’ h side rails
· 7”h x 44”w booth sign with exhibit name and booth number
· Use of the exhibitor lock-up room (for securing small valuables overnight)
· Complimentary registrations for 6 booth personnel
· Complimentary pre and post conference mailing lists of municipal attendees (mailing information only; no phone, fax or email)
· Discounted rate on additional League mailing lists
· Complimentary copy of the 2021 Municipal Directory (distributed to exhibitors in March 2021)

NOTE:  Exhibitors are responsible for all booth furnishings (tables, chairs, carpet, etc.) and utilities (electric, internet, etc.).  
These items are not included with the booth but can be ordered through the Exhibitor Service Manual available August 18).  Furnishings can also be provided by the exhibitor.

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