Special Charters

There are two types of special charters in New Jersey: 1) "Orphan" charters issued by the state legislature in the 19th century prior to the major constitutional revision of 1875, which prohibited "special" or locality specific legislation. Most "orphan" charters are a variation of the weak mayor-council type. 2) Special charters issued by the state legislature under the provisions of the state Constitution of 1947 and NJSA 1:6-10 et seq. These special charters defy simple classification, and include variations of the weak mayor-council form, council-manager form, township committee form, and the village form.

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1. Township NJSA:40A:63-1 et. seq.
2. Borough NJSA:40A:60-1 et. seq.
3. City NJSA:40A:61-1 et. seq.
4. Town NJSA:40A:62-1 et. seq.
5. Village NJSA:40A:63-8
6. Commission NJSA:40:70-1 et. seq.
7. Municipal Manager Act of 1923 NJSA:40:79-1 et. seq.
8. Faulkner Act (OMCL) Mayor-Council NJSA:40:69A-31 et. seq.
9. Faulkner Act (OMCL) Council-Manager NJSA:40:69A-81 et. seq.
10. Faulkner Act (OMCL) Small Municipality NJSA:40:69A-115 et. seq.
11. Faulkner Act (OMCL) Mayor-Council-Administrator NJSA:40:69A-149 et. seq.
12. Special Charters