Show Off Your City Photo Contest

Showcase New Jersey: Send us your photos!

Municipalities are invited to send us photos of their tourist attractions, downtown areas, economic development initiatives, parks, city halls, community groups, and new projects. 

Entries will be posted on the League’s Facebook page, website and some featured in the April issue of NJ Municipalities, and possibly other issues. A winner will be chosen and receives a free League publication of their choice! 

Photo Guidelines

  • High-resolution JPEG.
  • At least 1MB in size.
  • Please provide photo credit if necessary.

Entry Details

Unfortunately, stock photos and images that are too low resolution will not be considered. By submitting a photo you are agreeing that you own the rights to the photo and that NJLM has permission to use the photo in NJ Municipalities, on NJLM’s social media and website, and on other printed materials. A winner will be chosen on February 15. Please include your Facebook profile name and we will tag your photo on Facebook!

Where to Submit Entries

Photos can be submitted using the Show Off Your City submission form, or mailed on CD or flash drive to 222 West State Street, Trenton, NJ 08608.

Due Date

February 10, 2023

Social Media Hashtag


2022 Contest Winner

Jersey City

Empty Sky memorial Jersey City