Increase the Numbers

Public Office

The concept of "more" also implies that there are actions that can be taken to up the percentages of women holding elective office. Once women achieved the right to vote, the next effort was to promote the women's role in government and prepare them for public office.

The strategies to do so take three main courses: 

  • Focus on younger girls in high school and college to introduce them to women who are role models and encourage their involvement in politics
  • Promote the appointment of women in politics and government to give them experience and visibility for pursuing elective office as well as political leadership
  • Provide opportunities for women to get information, training and support for running for office

Taking Up the Cause

In New Jersey, many different groups have taken up the cause. For example, Republican women organized the Christy Todd Whitman Excellence in Public Service Series to train about 20 women each year to become active politically. Eagleton's Center for American Women and Politics has programs that focus on all three ways of improving women's participation in political life.

The new leadership program educates and empowers college women to participate actively in politics and public policy making through a well structured week-long session. Begun in New Jersey, the concept has spread to a number of other colleges around the country.

Ready to Run

Ready to Run is a day-long program to help New Jersey women get the political skills they need to run for office. The next session is scheduled for Saturday, April 24.

Coalition for Women Appointments

Since its inception in 1980, the Bi-Partisan Coalition for Women Appointments, staffed by CAWP, has encouraged women to submit their names for appointment to State government positions, boards and commissions and brought names to the attention of the Governor. It has also advocated for the appointment of women and assessed the record of appointing women.