Ways to Participate

  • Share photos of municipal employees, showcase city equipment, highlight the beauty of parks and recreational areas on social media
  • Host a Coffee with the Mayor or give residents an update on what is happening in your municipality over Facebook/Twitter live
  • Highlight the beauty of your municipality in a video
  • Give a tour of your municipal building
  • Highlight your health department during the pandemic; share their efforts and let them answer questions via Facebook/Twitter live. 
  • Engage residents by asking them to share their photos with you from around your municipality, and share them on social media
  • Host a podcast highlighting the ongoing efforts of your health department
  • Host a trivia contest or scavenger hunt for kids, parents are eagerly looking for ways to keep kids engaged while they are home from school!
  • Host a guest speaker via Facebook/Twitter live or on your YouTube channel
  • Host an online contest to engage residents – they are looking for things to do!
  • Highlight how your municipality operates during the pandemic and beyond; such as remote meetings, use of drop boxes for paperwork, video teleconferencing, and etc.
  • Share photos of your Police Officers and some brief introductions about who they are. Let residents get to know your staff!
  • Remind residents that while they are telecommuting or staying home, they may see municipal workers they normally do not see. DPW trucks and workers might be a new sight. Inspectors, police, & first responders are all still at work. Residents may see maintenance occurring at parks which they normally don’t see when using the park on the weekends.

This is the perfect opportunity to highlight the importance of local government and how municipal staff works every day to ensure the health and safety of its residents.