Webinar Instructions

What Happens After You Submit the Registration Form for the Online Mini Conference?

Once you have submitted the registration form and session selections to the League, here is what happens next:

  1. The League will process your payment.

  2. Three business days before the webinar, you will receive a separate personalized link for each webinar you have signed up for. The link will come from either “GoToWebinar” or “Danielle Holland-Htut” and that will connect you to the webinar at the appointed time (if you do not receive this link please call 609-695-3481 ext 118).

  3. At the scheduled time of the session, you will click the link provided in the confirmation email, and will be automatically directed to the virtual classroom.

Installing GoToWebinar

In order to view the webinar you may have to download the GoToWebinar Codec. Depending on your browser, click “Run” or “Save” when prompted in the box at the bottom of your screen. This will install GoToWebinar Codec and launch the webinar.

Note About Signing into Webinars & Attendance

Please note, you must sign into each webinar at the specified time. If you sign in after the start of the webinar you may not be eligible for credit.

Last Minute Registrations (up to 1 business day before the Conference)

Potential attendees may register up until one business day before the program. To do this, fill out the registration form provided on the webinar announcement and then fax or email a copy of your PO or check. Once received, the League will email your confirmation so that you can join the meeting. If you do not receive confirmations for your sessions, please contact the League at 609-695-3481 as soon as possible.

Want to Print the Above Instructions?

Print the above instructions (PDF); this link will open a PDF.